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Unit 1 Articles: Working with Measurements
Article Title
Further Instruction / Tips

Nanotechnology's Big Impact Oct '09

Quest from the Classroom: Science doesn't prove anything. Oct '07
Quest. from the Classroom: Why does a Helium Balloon Float? Dec '06
Thermometers Dec '06
Material Safety Data Sheets: Passports to Safety Oct '06 Must also read the MSDS Sheets for HCl and Ni
Glass: More Than Meets the Eye Oct '06
Beefing Up Atmospheric Models Oct '03
Making the World Safe for Blondes Sep '02 focus on the meaning of "Validation"
How Earth Got its Aura Sep '05
Flight of the WB-57 Sep '05
Titanic: Was it Doomed by Chemistry? Dec '11

What Chemists Do
Oct '09

What Uuought to Know About Elements 112-118
Oct '09

Research Ethics 101
Feb '09

Serendipitous Chemistry Oct '07   How many things were accidentally discovered
Life on Mars? Dec '94

An Orbitz Investigation
Oct '97
Fire at your Fingertips   
Feb '01 focus on  methods of testing and timing
tell what the hypothesis and conclusion of their tests were
Soil Chemistry - Sifting through the Past Apr '01
Cryogenics: Extremely Cold Chemistry
Feb '04
4 Cool Chemistry Jobs Dec '03

Murder She Floats Dec '02

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Unit 2 Articles: Classification of Matter
Article Title
Further Instruction / Tips
Ice, Cream, and Chemistry Feb '14  
The Sweet Science of Candy-Making Oct '14  
Graphene: The Next Wonder Material Oct '12 Web Also check out Video about this Article
Open For Discussion" Lighten Up! (CFL Light Bulbs) Apr '12  
How Plasma TV's Work  (links to

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Recycling Aluminum: A Way of Life or a Lifestyle?
Apr '12

UltraCold Atoms (Bose-Einstein Condensate) on Nova (PBS) Website


Myths: Chemistry Tells The Truth (Microwaves &  "Is Glass a Liquid?") Dec '10

Is this Water Recycled Sewage?
Feb '11

A Single Ignition: A Cautionary Tale
Apr '11

Questions from the Classroom: Can You See Steam?
Oct '09

Ancient Soil Chemists of the Amazon
Feb '09

Oil Drilling Disaster Discussion
Oct '10

The Race for Iodine Oct '06
Dec '05
The Science of Slime Dec '04
Student Chemist Gets Plants to do the Dirty Work Apr '03
Chemistry of the Light Bulb Apr '03
Memory Metal Oct '93
Ink Feb '93
Saint's Blood Feb '93
Brand-Name vs Generic Drugs: What's the Difference? Feb '13  
Who Put the Cheddar in the Cheese? Feb '12  
Forensic Chemists Oct '10

It's All About Liquid Crystals
Oct '10

The Not-So-Simple Life of Filters Feb '08
Tantalum, Congo, and Your Cell Phone Oct '07
The Captivating Chemistry of Coins Apr '07
Gold in Your Tank Apr '07
Bling Zinger - The Lead Content in Jewelry Apr '06
Salting Roads: The Solution for Winter Driving Feb '06
Secrets of the Samauri Sword Revealed Dec '05
Buried in Ice Apr '04
Lead - Beethoven's Heavy Metal Ailment Oct '01
How We Smell and Why We Stink Dec '01
Matches: Striking Chemistry at Your Fingertips Dec '02
Tapping Saltwater for a Thirsty World Oct '02
Clean Water and Edward Frankland Oct '02
Artificial Snow: Powder for the Slopes Dec '00
The Birth of the Elements Oct '00
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Unit 3A Articles: Chemical Equations & Reactions
Article Title
Further Instruction / Tips
In the Fog about Smog

Is Your Car a Living Thing? Feb '13  
Sugar: An Unusual Explosive
Dec '10

The Olympic Flame: Chemistry Held High Oct '08
The Captivating Chemistry of Candles Dec '07
The Science of Nascar Feb '07
The Dog Ate my Homework Apr '06
Building a Better Bleach: A Green Chemistry Challenge  Apr '04
Carnivorous Plants Dec '93
Crazy Candies Oct '93
Camping Stoves Apr '92
Wastewater Apr '92
The New Chemistry of Fuel Cells Dec '07
Ice That Melts Oct '95
Iron For Breakfast Oct '94 
Bubble Gum Oct '94
The Exploding Cabin Oct '94
CO Control Oct '97
Teeth Whitening (inlclude Dec '03 be sure to read the "Fizz and Wizz" subarticle box
The Fizz-Keeper Feb '02 See Mr. Arrow to take one home
Going for Platinum Apr '05
The Silent Killer Feb '05
Airbags (in cars)
Feb '97
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Unit 4 Articles: Stoichiometry
Article Title
Further Instruction / Tips
Flatus: Chemistry in the Wind Feb '03

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Unit 3B Articles: Acids, Bases, and Molarity
Article Title
Further Instruction / Tips

What Makes Magic Tricks Tick?
Oct '10

The Forensics of Blood Feb '08
Retiring Old Tires Apr '07
ChemHistory: Coal Mine Safety Feb '04
Lab on a Stick Oct '04
Green Chemistry: Stopping Pollution Before it Starts Apr '03
Alien Atmosphere: There' No Place Like Home Oct '03
Ozone: Molecule with Split Personality Sep '01
Survival at Sea Oct '92
Diesel Under Pressure Feb '91
Swimming Pool Chemistry Apr '83
pH and Hair Shampoo Apr '83
Not Milk? Living with Lactose Intolerance Apr '13

Rio Negro & Amazon: Two Rivers that Refuse to Mix
Dec '10

Rebreathers Feb '08
How the Cookie Doesn't Crumble Dec '07
Do you want Biodiesel with that? Apr '05
Chemical Counterfeit Catcher Oct '97
Mystery Matters: Biosphere II Feb '95

Swimming Pools Apr '94
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Unit 5 Articles: Structure of the Atom
Article Title
Further Instruction / Tips
Where Do Chemical Elements Come From? Oct '09

Element Hunters -- National Geographic May '13  
Oct '10

Quest from the Classroom: How can a noble gas like radon be poisonous?
Feb '09

Follow the Carbon, Follow the What? Feb '08
The Sun: Fusion at Work Feb '07
The New Alchemy Oct '06

Sick Buildings: Air Pollution Comes Home Oct '06

The Chemistry of Digital Photography Feb '06
Einstein's Miraculous Year Dec '05
Liquid Crystal Displays Oct ' 05 be sure to read inset on Plasma Displays
AntiMatter Apr '05

Life in a Greenhouse Oct '03
The Explosive History of Nitrogen Feb '03
Studying the Energy of the Universe Sep '02
Spectroscopy: Seeing the Unseen  Sep '01
Microwave Chemisty Dec '93
Shrouded in Mystery Feb '89
Carbon-14 Dating Feb '89
Unwrapping the Mystery of Mummies
Feb '12

Chemistry in Harry Potter's World
Feb '09

The Tale of the Teeth Dec '08
The Death of Alexander Litvinenko Apr '07 about Radioactive Polonium Poisoning
Real or Fake? The James Ossuary Case Feb '06
Motion Detectors Dec '05
Questions from the Classroom: Uranium Enrichment Apr '05
Ocean BioLights Dec '04
The Search for Martian Water Oct '02
Studying the Energy of the Universe Apr '01
Luminol - Casting a Revealing Light on Crime Dec '01
Chemiluminesceince: The Cold Light Oct '95 about Glow Sticks
Fine Art Fraud Dec '94
Nuclear Accidents book- part 1 Three Mile Island (Chap 3, 4 & 8)
Report on how nuclear power plants work and the events that happened during the TMI crisis.
Nuclear Accidents book - part 2 Chernobyl (Chap 3,5, & 8)

Report on how nuclear power plants work and summarize the events that happened during the Chernobyl meltdown
Video: Crisis in the Atmosphere

#VT 363.73 CRI - Write about the environmental effects of Chernobyl
Video: Secrets of Science - Our Solar System
#VT 523.2 OUR -  Write about how the sun works and describe the debate over the nature of light.
Video: The Prize: The New Order of Oil - Program 8
#VT 338.2 PRI - Summarize program 8
Video: Madame Curie
Summarize Marie Curie work with radiation and discovery of radium
Video: Smithsonian World Video "The Atom"

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Unit 6 Articles: Periodic Trends and Chemical Bonding
Article Title
Further Instruction / Tips
Hot Peppers Dec '13  
The Many Looks of the Periodic Table Oct '08
Demystifying Gross Stuff Oct '11  
Linus Pauling: An American Hero Oct '07
Paintball! Chemistry Hits its Mark Apr '07
Why Doesn't Oil Mix with Water? Apr'06
Permanent Waves Apr '93
Old News, New Paper Apr '93
ChemHistory: The Great Hartford Circus Fire Feb '05
Magic Sand Apr '94
Water of Life Feb '05
Lithography Printing Oct '01

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