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Tips for Using this CD:

  • Open PowerPoint files by using the PowerPoint Index and NOT this Startpage file, they may not have full functionality if opened up within the web browser.
  • Use FireFox or Chrome as your browser to open the StartPage instead of Internet Explorer. Files will open more smoothly that way.
  • If you have space on your hard drive, copy the whole CD onto your hard drive.

    • Documents 
      • Contains course syllabus and MS Word files of many labs and papers handed out in class -- just in case you lose the copy you were given in class.
    • Practice (and Review)
      • Contains extremely useful files.  Many are Interactive Drill & Practice Quizzers which will give you immediate feedback on how you are doing.  In this section you will also find the PowerPoint Presentations that Mr. Arrow uses in class as well as some extra review and Tutorial Presentations.
    • Calc Checker
      • These files are designed to go along with labs performed in class.  They tell you if you are doing your calculations correctly and give you a "Congratulations!" printout when you are done.
    • CLC's
      • This section contains everything you want to know about doing your Chemistry Learning Community Projects.  Includes a list of projects broken down by chapter along with rubrics and examples.
    • WebBoard (Moodle)
      • This button links you to Mr. Arrow's Message Board on the Internet. You must be connected to the Internet for this Link to work!
    • Style Guides
      • Need instructions for how to make that graph?  How about help for your formal lab reports?  Of course, when doing your bibliography, you need to know the proper format.  This is the place to find this information and much more.  It contains the West York MLA Style Guide and the Science Style Guide.  Be sure to look these over before doing any CLC project.
    • Links 
      • As you might think -- sends you to useful places on the Web to supplement your learning.   You must be connected to the Internet for the links in this section to work!  

Required Software:  Some of the files on this CD will require more than a Web Browser to view.  You most likely already have these programs running on your computer, but I have included them with this CD in case you do not.  To install, click on "Install" and then select "Open" from the dialog box.  If this does not work for you, then use the  Software_Installs folder on this CD and click on the executable files in the appropriate folders.

Acrobat Reader - required to read pdf files.  All of the ChemMatters articles are in this format.
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Powerpoint Viewer - If you do not have MS PowerPoint on your computer, you will need to install this free viewer to see the PowerPoint Presentations. Install this program only if you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint.
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Word Viewer  - . If you do not have MS Word on your computer, you will need to install this free viewer to see the Word Documents. Many of my course documents will be in MS Word format. Install this program only if you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint.
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Web Download
Vernier Logger Pro - this is the program that we use in class to graph our data.  We have a site license that you may install this program on your home computer as long as you are a student at West York. -- Please delete it after you graduate!
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