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Research Question Info Page
Points Possible
What To Do:
  • Choose one of the Research Questions listed on the CLC Research Project List  that interests you from a current or previous chapter.
  • Research a variety of sources including your textbook, library holdings, and the internet to find information that will help you answer the question. Be sure to have a minimum of 5 unique sources that are reliable.  Do not use information from "unreliable" web sites.
  • Type up a 2-5 page report to summarize you findings. Follow all of the guidelines below
  • Include the question you are answering as the title of your paper.  Also give a heading with your name and period.
  • Include only information that is relevant to answering the question.
  • Be sure to put the information in your own words. Remember that if you change a few words, but keep the same sentence structure and use a lot of the same words and phrases as your source, it is still considered plagiarism.

    >>Important! Click here to read info about plagiarism and paraphrasing. <<

  • Include internal citations within your text. -- See MLA Style Guide for guidelines to using internal citations.
  • Be sure to include a Works Cited page in proper MLA format.
  • Use direct quotes sparingly.  There really should be very few cases (if any) for this report where you should have direct quotes.  You should paraphrase what you read in your own words (but still cite sources where info is unique). Direct quotes should only be used in those rare cases where you can not state the idea any other way or when the exact words of a person want to be used for emphasis.
  • Submit your project by logging in to Mr. Arrow's Moodle Site.
    • Scroll down to the CLC Project Drop Box section.
    • Click on the Research Question link and upload your file.
ideas Words of Wisdom :
      • You will most likely need to use your book to help with some background knowledge and then the internet or other specialty sources to help you with some of the specific information.
      • Make sure to read my Tips for Searching the Internet page.  Being able to narrow down your search to pages that pertain specifically to your topic is a crucial skill in research.

26 points 

Rubric for Grading Research Questions
Following Directions
Not Available
Not Available
The Research Question is written out along with student name and period
Answering the Question
(9 pts)
The paper thoroughly addresses and answers all aspects of the question.
The paper addresses and answers most aspects of the question correctly.
The paper only addresses and a answers a part of the question.
_ x3= 
Grasp of Content
(6 pts)
The paper is in students own words and indicates a thorough understanding of content
The paper is in students own words and indicates some understanding of content
The paper is in students own words and indicates a limited understanding of content
_x2 = 
Works Cited Page
(4 pts)
Not Available
All references are listed in proper MLA format
Works cited page is in MLA format, but with a few errors
_x2 =
Internal Citations
(3 pts)
Internal citations are included in paper and are in proper MLA format.
Internal citations are present, but with one or two errors in format.
Internal citations are present, but with many errors in format.
_x1 =
Quality of Sources
(3 pts)
At least 5 sources are listed from a good variety of reliable, academic sources
At least 5 sources are listed, but do not represent a good variety or high quality sources.
Less than 5 sources are listed.
_x1 =

Total  26


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