Unit 2 CLC's: Classification of Matter

Experiment: Home Testing for Radon or Lead

Purpose: To determine the presence of dangerous lead or radon in your house.

Instructions: This is to be done at your house and is worth up to 15 CLC points. 

Purchase a test kit to test your home for either radon or lead paint.  These kits can be purchased at most home improvement stores.  Write up a summary of the procedure and your results and conclusions. Also give some background stating where the lead or radon in your home come from and the reasons why lead or radon can be harmful in the home. Your write-up should be typed and  include a Background, Procedure, and Results section.

Research Questions
(26 points)

You may choose any one of the following Research Questions to report on.  Be sure to use the Research Question Info Page as a guide both before and while you are doing your report.
  1. Some medical reports have identified a possible link between Aluminum and Alzheimer=s Disease.  Therefore, is it safe for us to use aluminum to the large extent that we do (ex - soda cans, cookware, etc)
  2. One of Ancient Rome=s famed accomplishments is the establishment of a water system and plumbing.  Research what materials the Romans used in their plumbing and any effect that this may have had on public health.
  3. Lead shot is very heavily used by hunters.  Research why environmentalists want to look for alternatives and list what alternatives are on the market.
  4. Amalgams used in fillings in teeth contain mercury.  Research the dangers of these types of fillings and tell of alternatives that dentists may use.  You may want to interview a dentist to get his views on the use of mercury amalgams.
  5. Research and report on selenium poisoning.  Be sure to include where the selenium comes from as well as what its effects are.
  6. Research and report on mercury in fish. Be sure to answer all of the following:
  7. Research and report on cadmium poisoning.  Interview an art teacher or artist to find out their opinions on the possible banning of cadmium pigments.