T.G.I.F Quiz Schedule

Each Friday, we will start class with a brief quiz that is designed to help you speak the language of chemistry. To be fluent in this language, you must know the symbols for certain elements and ions "in your sleep". I have picked a minimal "must know" list for us to learn for this course.

Since the purpose is to learn these symbols in your permanent memory, each quiz will be comprehensive. In other words, the material covered in all of the prior quizzes will be included along with new material.

Quiz Date / Material included

Master List of Required Knowledge

The symbols for the following elements must be learned so that if you are given a symbol, you can write the name of the element or if you are given the name, you can write the symbol.

The list of atomic numbers for the elements you must learn are #1-38,40,42,47-57,74,78-89,92,94,95

Name formula
hydrochloric acid HCl
nitric acid  HNO3
acetic acid  HC2H3O2
carbonic acid  H2CO3
sulfuric acid  H2SO4
sulfurous acid  H2SO3
phosphoric acid  H3PO4

Common Ions
______ __________ _____ ______  __________ ______ ______ __________
H+ hydrogen
Fe+2 ferrous
Fe+3 ferric
Li+ lithium
Co+2 cobaltous
Co+3 cobaltic
Na+ sodium
Ni+2 nickel (II)
Ni+3 nickel (III)
K+ potassium
Cr+2 chromium (II)
Cr+3 chromium (III)
NH4+ ammonium 
Sn+2 stannous
Al+3 aluminum
Cu+ cuprous
Cu+2 cupric
Ag+ silver
Zn+2 zinc
Sn+4    Stannic

Pb+2 lead

Mg+2 magnesium

Ca+2 calcium

Sr+2 strontium

Ba+2 barium

_________ _________________ ________ _______________ __________ ______
F- fluoride O-2 oxide  N-3 nitride
Cl- chloride  S-2 sulfide  P-3 phosphide
Br- bromide  SO4-2 sulfate  PO4-3 phosphate
I- iodide  SO3-2 sulfite

OH- hydroxide  CO3-2 carbonate

HCO3- bicarbonate CrO4-2 chromate

C2H3O2- acetate  Cr2O7-2 dichromate

MnO4- permanganate

ClO3- chlorate

ClO2- chlorite

ClO- hypochlorite

NO3- nitrate

NO2- nitrite


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