Affects verses Effects

These two terms are very frequently mixed up and are frequently used in science on graphs and lab reports.
How to Keep Them Straight:
  • Affects is a verb (Remember by thinking "A" is for Action)
  • Effects is a noun
  • When you perform an action on something, you are affecting it. The result is the effect.
Examples: Here effects is used because it is a noun:
  • The Effects of Rock Music on Lima Bean Plant Height.
  • I will measure the effect that temperature has on volume of a balloon.
  • What effect do you think studying will have on my grade?
Here affects is used because it is a verb:
  • I will study how rock music will affect the height of Lima Beans.
  • The irregular shape of my sample affects how well I can measure its width.
  • I'm not sure how much my lack of sleep affected my test performance.