Nomenclature of Simple Binary Compounds Using Stock Notation

This is a basic exercise in naming simple binary compounds which contain metals. Since its effective use requires analysis of text input there are some basic rules:


1. Pressing "Display Spellings" will open a window containing the spelling used for the polyatomic ions on this page. The user should refer to periodic tables or other sources for spelling of elements.
2. Pressing "New Compound" causes a small window to appear with a formula, two empty cells and a "Check Answer" button.
3. Enter the first "part" of the compound in the first cell and the second "part" in the second cell.
4. Enter the proper Stock notation using the select window between the "first" and "second" parts. 5. Press "Check Answer."
6. Detailed results and score appear in the table on the top page.
7. If you get all or part of the name incorrect, you may go back and correct your answer and resubmit it.
8. If you miss a problem three times, pressing "Show Answer" will cause the correct answer to appear.
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This page was developed by Prof George Wiger of California State University, Dominguez Hills campus.