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Creating a Chemistry Cartoon / Poem / Lyrics
Points Possible
What To Do:
  • Create a cartoon or write a song/lyric/poem /about a current or past chemical topic. The song or poem should illustrate a concept that we have learned in class (ie - it should help to teach an idea).  Projects that are just random chemical words or phrases with no cohesive meaning will receive no credit.   
  • Put your name on the front side of your work and tape it up in the "Cartoon Corner" in the front of the room.
ideas Words of Wisdom :
      • Don't just put a lot of words about chemistry in your work, be sure that your work illustrates the meaning of the terms and ideas

5 points 

Created Cartoon / Poem / Lyrics  (5 points possible)


All of the following are noted:
  • The concepts illustrated in the work are chemically accurate
  • The work should be the student's original idea.
  • The work should illustrate or teach some meaning of a concept in chemistry.
  • Proper use of language and spelling is demonstrated
One of the following is noted:
  • The chemistry concept is not accurately illustrated
  • The work is a slightly modified copy of someone else's idea
  • The work attempts to, but does not clearly illustrate a chemistry idea.
  • Use of language is inaccurate
One of the following are noted:
  • The chemistry concept is incorrect
  • The work is a copy of someone else'e idea
  • The work is contains a lot of chemistry words, but does not teach or illustrate a concept. 
  • Use of language is inaccurate


Example #1:  Poem

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Grade Comments
5 out of 5
The author shows knowledge of the debate of switching to the metric system.  Valid pros and cons for converting are mentioned.

Example #2: Poem

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Grade Comments
5 out of 5
Excellent Poem.  The author shows knowledge by giving a lot of details of how acid rain forms and what it consists of.  Some of the major negative effects are alluded to as well as a solution to the problem!

Example #3: Cartoon

Click to view Large Size

Grade Comments
5 out of 5
This cartoon illustrates the chemical concept that when ions combine to form compounds, the charges must add up to zero. The Fe +2 needs to combine with two bromides (-1) to form a compound.

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