Unit 8 CLC Projectss
Chemical Bonding

Home Experiment:
Polar and Nonpolar Substances

(21 points)

Purpose: To determine which household substances are polar and which are nonpolar..

  1. Choose various household substances (both liquids and solids) to test the polarity of. 
  2. Research what polarity is how polar compounds interact with nonpolar compounds.
  3. Write a procedure to test various household substances for polarity. (Test both liquids and solids) 
  4. Use your procedure to test the substances, and tell how you know whether they are polar or nonpolar.
Lab Report:
  1.  Should Include:
    1. Introduction - Research what polarity is and give a summary of polarity and what you’ve learned about it that helped you design this experiment.
    2. Methods section describing your procedure            
    3. Results section (should have a chart showing your recorded data and results of whether each is polar or nonpolar).
    4. Discussion section talking about your results.  How accurate do you think your results are?  Can you see any patterns in your results about what types of things tend be polar or nonpolar?        
    5. Works Cited page listing your sources  you cited (in proper MLA format).