Unit 5 CLC Projectss
Acids, Bases, and Molarity

Home Experiment:
Spoiling Fruit
(15 points)

Purpose: To determine if acids and bases have any effect on the rate of spoiling of apples and bananas.

  1. Obtain 5 pieces of red and 5 pieces of blue litmus paper from your teacher.
  2. Cut up an apple and banana into 6 slices.
  3. Dip one piece into each of the following: lemon juice, vinegar, household ammonia, and FruitFresh.
  4. Crush a Vitamin C tablet in a baggie and rub one piece of each fruit in it.
  5. Use the sixth piece as the control for this experiment.
  6. Let all slices sit for 2 hours. Record the results in a data table, then throw out the fruit.
  7. Use litmus paper to determine whether each is an acid or a base: Vitamin C, lemon juice, vinegar, household ammonia, and FruitFresh.  Record             observations and conclusions in a data table.  Tape the litmus paper to your lab results paper.
Lab Report:
  1. Include an introduction section where you summarize what you were  testing, state your hypothesis; and identify your control group, independent variable, and dependent variable.  
  2. In the results section, include data tables to summarize your results and observations.  
  3. Conclude with a discussion section where you discuss your results and answer the purpose question of this lab.  Explain how FruitFresh works and evaluate if it is worth the money – be specific showing calculations for this analysis.